People take up many different ways in mending their body, mind and soul. Few opt to do the regular simple exercises while a few opt to go the gyms and fitness centres for workouts. These centres try to help the customers with various equipments and instruments focusing specific body parts and try to bring a shape to the body. But again as said above, it is not just this exercising and workout session that is going to help you in your healthy living, it has to be coupled with a proper balanced diet. Before proceeding further, let`s understand what a balanced diet is all about. Human body is run predominantly on vitamins, minerals and proteins. All these are generally available in the regular normal food that we consume in our daily life. And there are also some food stuffs that are specifically rich in one of these. So a person is said to be consuming a balanced diet when he tries to include all these in his daily plate.


When the body is fed with equal and right proportions of all these it starts listening to what the mind thinks and when the mind thinks to lead a happy, healthy life, the body obeys all its orders and within months of strict practice it gets back to its original shape. Understand that it is all in how the person treats and respects his body. It is his self control and self confidence that gives him all strength and ability to follow a particular regime. So when the body is happy, the mind is happy; when the mind is free of troubles, it helps in the happy living of a person. A person`s life is designed by himself and he has all control and rights to mend it the way he wants. Now it is him who has to choose to make it happy or shabby.